Commercial Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems

We Can Handle All Water Purification Needs, Regardless of the Size of Your Commercial Facility.

Water purification once existed as an afterthought or a mere amenity for homeowners. Today, water purification systems have become very widespread, even across industrial facilities and multi-family housing. The reasons for this come from both improved technology and greater awareness of the benefits of purified water.

EW Plumbing serves as the premier installer and service provider for commercial water purification systems in the Overland Park, KS area. In addition to installation and repairs, we can also provide the necessary upkeep to ensure your system works at an optimal level. To learn more about our services or explore your purification options, give us a call today at 913-768-8500.

Benefits of Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems

We Provide Water Purification for All Types of Facilities, Including Hospitals, Schools, and Apartment Complexes.

A commercial water purification system comes with several clear advantages for a business. An abundance of system types also exist, so you can tailor your installation to reflect your needs. If you’ve hesitated in the past about whether to take the plunge, consider these benefits for your commercial or industrial facility.

Better Employee Health: Commercial water purification systems remove microorganisms that can make people sick. Toxic metals such as lead and copper also get removed from water. If your municipal or well water supply ever becomes contaminated, you can count on your water purification system to protect your employees.

Preserve Pipes: Minerals in drinking water will, over time, contribute to the corrosion of pipes. If your business occupies a facility with copper or galvanized steel pipes, this becomes very important. Corroded pipes become susceptible to leaks, which can create major problems for a commercial facility.

Prevent Clogs: Water can also contain organisms that will accumulate within pipes to create clogs. Though you cannot see it, algae can exist in drinking water. Over time, algae-laden water will deposit the organisms throughout your pipes to create clogs. Water purifiers prevent this through the removal of algae and other blockage materials.

Improved Value: Your commercial or industrial facility represents a major investment. Commercial water purification systems present an excellent way to increase the value of your property. These systems appear highly desirable to future buyers, and can make your facility more likely to move quickly in the event of sale.

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If you would like to install a commercial or industrial water purification system in the Overland Park, KS Area, trust EW Plumbing for the work. Our expert technicians know how to optimize the installation of any purification system, so you receive the best value for your money. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 913-768-8500.