Commercial Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Commercial Ozonation Units Can Provide Large Facilities with the Benefits of Water Treated with Ozone.

Ozone water treatment systems perform a process called ozonation. While many methods and systems exist for the purification of water, adherents of ozonation maintain its superiority for means of disinfection. For commercial purposes, a business could derive overall benefits from the improved health of its employees. Ozonated water has become charged with ozone particles, which rapidly kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, and can also eliminate problems of taste and smell.

EW Plumbing provides a local source for commercial ozone water treatment systems in Overland Park, KS. Our masterful technicians understand all the particulars of the ozonation process, and can, therefore, provide flawless installations and superior service. To learn more about this process and its benefits, you can always give us a call at 913-768-8500.

Benefits of Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Ozone Water Treatment Systems

We Provide Full Installation and Maintenance Services for Ozonation Equipment.

Those who believe in ozone water treatment cite benefits across biological, physical, and medical levels. Ozone exists as an unstable particle that will quickly devolve into oxygen. The presence of ozone in water not only kills microorganisms, it leaves behind oxygen molecules. This process creates the following advantages.

Biological Benefits: Ozone will wipe out any microorganisms that exist in your water, from bacteria and viruses to E. coli, yeast, listeria, and salmonella. The ozone will then break down into oxygen molecules to create even further benefits. Oxygen-infused water will stimulate the brain into heightened productivity, and can even bolster the immune system to fight infection.

Physical Benefits: The introduction of oxygen into the bloodstream can provide extra energy and renewed focus. A commercial ozone water treatment system can also provide benefits in showers and kitchen areas. Bathing in ozone-treated water can supposedly treat skin disorders and alleviate muscle soreness. Fruits and vegetables washed in ozone water will have improved cleanliness and taste.

Medical Benefits: Medical facilities will often use ozone-treated water to disinfect medical instruments. Though a controversial topic that remains unproven, believers in ozone-treated water will even cite its supposed effectiveness for the treatment of cancer.

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