High Recovery Water Heater Services

High Recovery Water Heater

High Recovery Water Heaters Provide More Hot Water for a Home or Business.

Today, most hot water heater manufacturers offer high recovery units alongside standard options. As the name implies, a high recovery water heater will recover more quickly from depletion to heat a full tank of water. Available in a wide range of sizes, a high recovery water heater typically comes as a gas model. At EW Plumbing, we offer installation and service for both residential and commercial high recovery water heaters.

Many businesses rely on hot water for their operation. When it comes to residences, a lack of hot water can bring the day to a grinding halt.  If you want dependable service and installation of a high recovery water heater in the Overland Park, KS area, trust the local experts at EW Plumbing. Our friendly and skilled technicians can perform service that maximizes the life of your water heater, and provides the longest possible period of dependable service.

High Recovery Water Heater Benefits

High Recovery Water Heater

Most Water Heaters Come as Both Standard and High Recovery Models.

Most standard water heaters can reheat approximately 40 gallons of water in an hour. This should provide sufficient for most homes and small businesses. For those with greater needs, the high recovery water heater will offer an excellent alternative.

More Hot Water: If you constantly find yourself running out of hot water throughout the day, then you should upgrade your system to a high recovery device. A lack of hot water can impair many commercial and residential activities, from bathing to dishes, sanitization and cooking. Compared to the 40 gallons delivered through a standard unit, a high recovery water heater can heat 55 gallons or more in the same hour.

Faster Recovery: In addition to providing more hot water, high recovery devices also recover quicker from heavy use. This can come in handy in busy households, especially in the morning when multiple people need to shower and prepare for the day. Instead of impatiently tapping your foot in the wait for a standard heater, you can count on a high recovery unit to provide faster service.

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