What is backflow testing?

What causes backflow in plumbing?

Discolored water is usually a sign of backflow.

If you notice your water tasting funny or showing signs of discoloration, your plumbing system may be experiencing backflow. This is a serious problem. It indicates that tainted water from the sewer system is flowing backward into your plumbing. This tainted backflow water can cause you to get sick.

What causes backflow? There are two primary causes of backflow in plumbing:

  • Back pressure: When water from the municipal water supply is forced to flow in the opposite direction it causes back pressure.
  • Back siphonage: When water pressure in the water supply drops lower than that of your plumbing system, that is back siphonage.

Is backflow testing necessary?

Our technicians are licensed for backflow testing

All commercial water and irrigation services use backflow prevention assemblies to protect water supplies against backflow. Some residential services, along with fire lines also have these assemblies. Because these devices are mechanical in nature, they are prone to wear and tear and annual testing by a certified tester is recommended. Usually, the assembly is required to be tested when it’s installed.

When these assemblies are working properly, they help keep the water supply from getting contaminated. There are some states and municipalities that require these systems  to be tested annually. When tests are required, the water company will usually send out a notice.

How often should backflow prevention be inspected?

Because backflow can cause serious health problems, it’s recommended you test your backflow prevention device annually. One reason for this is that backflow isn’t always recognizable. Sometimes trace pollutants are present that are hard to detect.

Any sign of water discoloration is a sure sign of contamination and you should check your system immediately.

Backflow testing is a specialty of EW Plumbing LLC. If you need your backflow protection device tested in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-768-8500. Our technicians are certified experts in backflow testing and repair.We specialize in backflow testing for commercial properties.

It’s also smart to test your backflow device for leaks. Leaks from your backflow protection assembly should be repaired immediately.

Leaks are a major source of problems for homes and businesses alike, no matter what’s causing the leak. They are source of trouble especially for roofs and you might want to look for roofing services in Wichita, KS and surrounding area to get help with any leaks.

How long does a backflow test take?

Usually testing takes anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes for each assembly tested. If your device needs repair, it will have to be tested again once repaired.

When your system is tested, it will require a skilled, certified and licensed technician using backflow testing tools, including copper brushing tools for copper fittings and tubings to remove residue. Most of the tools used are commonly used in plumbing like compression tape to repair leaks and pipe cutters.

Backflow testing and repair

When technicians test the system and it fails, they will need to repair it, if it can be repaired. When testing, they go over all of the device’s internal mechanical parts. If the system can’t be repaired, it will need to be replaced. If this is the case, technicians will work with you and your water company to ensure you have water until the replacement is installed. Once all repairs are made, the system will be tested again to make sure everything is working right.

Backflow testing how to

Our goal with backflow testing is to make sure you have clean water.

To test for backflow, you need a licensed technician. That technician will follow a standard process that includes shutting off the backflow and attaching a testing device to it. This tests the water remaining inside. Once the test is complete the technician will remove the test kit and slowly bring the water back on to prevent build up of pressure too quickly.

When each device is tested, the water in your building must be shut off, including fire sprinkler systems. Water can be turned on if needed between each test. The technicians will also have enough supplies and equipment to make any necessary repairs so the water won’t have to be shut off any longer than necessary.

Within three days of the test, technicians will report the results to the water company. Customers can also get a copy of the test results for their records.

Backflow testing cost

Costs for backflow testing will vary from region to region and may vary from company to company. Most tests costs between $20 and $75. When you work with EW Plumbing LLC for your backflow testing, we make sure our prices are affordable. Our specialty is commercial properties.

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Backflow is a dangerous problem to have in your plumbing system. Contaminated water from backflow can make you sick. That’s why it’s recommended you have your backflow device tested yearly and repaired when needed. At EW Plumbing LLC, licensed specialists are ready to help make your water safe again. When you need backflow testing or repair in Overland Park, KS, call 913-768-8500 to schedule an appointment.