Sewer and Drain Services

Your home’s sewer drains arehousehold drain responsible for carrying waste and sewage from your home to either a septic tank or to a municipal sewer line.  It’s important to have your sewer line inspected if you live in an older home.  Even new homes could benefit from an inspection because the new pipes could be connected to old sewer lines.

We offer the following sewer and drain services in Olathe and surrounding areas:

Drain & Sewer Clogs

The drain pipes from your sink, toilet, water heater, shower, and washing machine all connect to main drain that is located either in a basement or underneath a crawl space.  If the main drain becomes clogged, it can cause the other household drains to back up.  If a sewer line clog occurs, your home could suffer extensive damage so it’s imperative to call a plumber right away if you start seeing red flags. Some of the signs that you have a sewer clog include:

  • Water backing up out of a drain
  • Your drains produce a gurgling sound
  • Water if present around the floor drain in your basement
  • Your toilets start percolating
  • Water coming up from the bathtub drain when the toilet is flushed

What to do if you have a clog

If you suspect that you have a drain or sewer clog, you need to shut the water off from the source. If it is an isolated drain clog, shut off the water to that specific area. For example, if your bathroom sink is clogged, shut off the supply of water going to that sink. If the main line is clogged, you need to shut off the main water supply completely. If you suspect you have a sewer or drain clog call us right away at EW Plumbing. We provide high quality, affordable sewer and drain services in Olathe and surrounding areas.