Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal maintenanceEW Plumbing specializes in all aspects of plumbing including kitchen fixtures and garbage disposal replacement and repair. Garbage disposals have been marketed to American homeowners since the early 1940s.

They are are designed to shred food into pieces small enough to slip through your pipes and out of your house. Disposals, a great investment for home and business owners, can help keep a plumbing system operating smoothly for many years. If you need aid with garbage disposal repair or replacement in Olathe, give us a call today.

Quality Repair & Replacement

Sometimes even the best of garbage disposals will cease to operate properly. Perhaps an errant soup spoon will slip unnoticed into the garbage disposal and cause a jam. Or a steak bone from dinner will create a clog. If your disposal quicks working give EW Plumbing a call at (913) 768-8500. We will send a trained professional plumber to your home to help you with repair or replacement.

Garbage disposal blades can also dull over time. Our plumbing team can handle a quick repair to your garbage disposal or efficiently install a new one. Our services are affordable, quick and quality.

Ways to avoid Disposal Clogging

Although the current generation of garbage disposals are more powerful than ever, some food scraps can get through your system before they’re fully shredded. Avoid clogs by throwing these foods away instead of down the drain:pasta

• Coffee grounds
• Bones
• Shells
• Grease
• Corn Husks
• Egg shells
• Pasta, bread or any grain that expands with water
• Fruit pits, peels or rinds

Solutions for Home or Business

Garbage disposal systems are a vital part of your home or commercial kitchen. Get the finest quality units along with the best installation at EW plumbing. For disposal repair or replacement in Olathe call (913) 768-8500.