Kansas City Heated Floors

The addition of heated floors to homes under construction or being renovated in Kansas City is rapidly gaining popularity, and not just in high end houses. Combining comfort and energy efficiency, heated flooring is a choice worth considering in many instances.

Generally isolated to bathroom applications, the project involves placing serpentine wiring connected to a dedicated 20-amp GFCI 110-volt circuit and placed beneath tile, marble or other designer floor covering. A timer and thermostat, keys to efficient use of the floor, are generally part of the initial installation. Control of the temperature and timing are ideal ways to use your new luxury floor to boost the effectiveness of your furnace. For instance, set the timer to operate from 6 to 8 a.m. to have your bathroom floor toasty for your morning shower and daily make-ready.

Heated floors mean no more frozen toes on cold tile. If your feet stay warm in Kansas City winters, so will the rest of you. As an added bonus, warm air from your heated floor will allow you to keep your furnace thermostat set lower, saving energy and money.