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Our Team Responds Quickly and Performs Expert Work for Commercial Plumbing.

Reach out to EW Plumbing today for any of your commercial or industrial plumbing needs. Whether you need plumbing design, installation, or service for your current layout, you can trust in the expertise of our superb technicians. We take pride in our wealth of experience and in the unparalleled training of our staff, and only render unbeatable workmanship for our commercial clients.

Commercial plumbing systems can present a great deal of complexity. They also stand as a significant investment into the success of your business. Businesses across many sectors rely upon the functionality of their plumbing for day-to-day business. We understand this, and represent a reliable choice for fast, thorough repairs across the following areas:

Commercial Plumbing: We handle repair and installation of all elements of commercial plumbing, including water mains and sewer lines.

Commercial Gas Lines: We take care of our clients’ safety with gas leak detection and pressure line testing. We also handle medical gas installations.

Water Heaters: We provide installation, inspections, and repairs for all varieties of water heaters, including residential.

Commercial Water Treatment: We represent the team to trust when you need clean, pure water for your business.

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The next time you need any commercial work, count on EW Plumbing in the Overland Park, KS area. You can always contact our office at:

EW Plumbing LLC
8830 Bond St.
Overland Park, KS 66214