Is Commercial Water Filtration Right for Your Business?

Commercial water filtration may be even more important than residential water filtration. Think about it. Which are you more comfortable doing- drinking tap water from a restaurant or your home? You probably answered your home. That is because when you go out to eat, you expect your food and drinks to be handled with the utmost sanitation and care. Unfiltered tap water doesn’t meet that criteria. By getting commercial water filtration installation in Overland Park, KS, you are not only improving your business, but the health of your customers by reducing the risk of them catching any illnesses from bacteria in the untreated water. To get your commercial water filter installed today, call EW Plumbing LLC at 913-768-8500.

Why Are Water Filters Important?

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While a home can get by without a water filter, it is almost impossible for any food-based business to keep afloat without a water filter. Not only does it improve your reputation with customers to be serving clean water, but these filtration systems also help your machinery last longer. Unfiltered water is called hard water, which just means that it is natural water. It is called hard water because of the natural and safe-to-drink minerals like magnesium and calcium that are found inside it.

Over time, these mineral deposits will build up on water pipes and machinery in what is known as soap scum, causing these equipment to run less efficiently and eventually break down. Commercial water filtration systems will remove the minerals and other chemicals and pollutants in the water to stop the mineral deposits build up from happening and allowing your machinery to last much longer, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement machinery.

Commercial water filtration systems are commonly found in units like commercial ice machines, coffee brewers, and steamers. These systems especially need filters, as something like a coffee brewer becoming clogged with soap scum can then lead to health and safety violations if the mineral deposits end up getting filtered into the coffee.

Benefits of Commercial Water Filtration

There are many benefits to commercial water filtration, like having cleaner and healthier drinking water. This leads to the safe drinking of your customers, meeting health and safety guidelines, and having longer lasting machinery due to the removal of minerals in water.

  • Better tasting water. The removal of chlorine and fluoride have shown to improve the taste of water.
  • Better tasting beverages. Not having added chemicals, pesticides, and minerals in your water means that your beverages like coffee can be experienced with maximum flavor.
  • Better smelling water. Contaminated water can start to smell over time, but with filtered water, that is not a problem anymore.
  • Reduces the risk of gastrointestinal issues. E. coli and other harmful bacteria are removed from water, which drastically help to reduce water-borne illnesses.
  • Will meet health guidelines. Restaurants have to pass health code laws, and many inspectors require that water be filtered to ensure that customers don’t get sick.
  • Machines and other commercial equipment lasts longer from less mineral buildup. By having filtered water, your pipes and machinery won’t break down from mineral build up. This saves you thousands of dollars over time.

What Types of Water Filters Are Available Commercially?

There are a multitude of types of commercial water filters available to choose from. Different factors like budget and what you need removed from your water will determine what kind of commercial water filtration device you need. Some popular commercial water filter types are ultraviolet light, commercial deionized water filtration systems, commercial water carbon filters, and commercial water purification systems. If you are wanting commercial water filtration for your Overland Park, KS business, call EW Plumbing LLC at 913-768-8500 today.

What Do Commercial Water Filters Remove?

Each commercial water filter focuses on removing different contaminants from the water. While all filters will remove microscopic particles like chemicals, some filters cannot remove the larger pollutants so more high-tech machinery like ultraviolet light or reverse osmosis filters are needed to break down the organisms.

  • Ultraviolet light. This ozone water treatment system is able to kill microorganisms using radiation. Considered the most advanced commercial water filter type, it works alongside a carbon water filter to remove solid pollutants as well as bacteria, which many other commercial water filter types cannot do.
  • Commercial water carbon filter. The most common water filter, a carbon commercial water filter can remove lead, chlorine, radon, pesticides, gasoline, and minerals. Typically seen in ice machines for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Commercial water purification systems. Examples of water purification systems can be seen in the large-scale commercial deionized water filtration system tanks that use ion exchange to cleanse the water. Great for huge commercial properties like hotels and universities that need to constantly supply fresh and clean water to multiple people at once, these systems can remove the alkalinity from water and balance the pH.