Commercial Pressure Tank Repair & Install

Pressure Tank

If You Operate Off the Municipal System, We Can Provide a Full Range of Services.

A commercial or industrial business that relies on well water will almost always experience problems with water pressure. With municipal systems, the city will set the water pressure. For a well, several factors can influence water pressure and lead to problems. Too much demand on the water can overwhelm the capabilities of your pump, while drought conditions and heavy usage can also result in low pressure. Regardless of the cause, EW Plumbing can install a pressure tank as a permanent solution to low water pressure.

Our expert technicians understand all the complexities of pressure tanks, and can perform exceptional repairs and installation. These devices work through the interaction of air and a vinyl bladder. Water fills the bladder within the tank, and then becomes pressurized through the injection of air. You can additionally set the desired pressure on the tank, a useful feature for commercial structures that have a heavy demand for water. If you have any questions or would like service for a pressure tank in Overland Park, KS, call us now at 913-768-8500.

Benefits of a Commercial Pressure Tank

Pressure Tank

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Higher Water Pressure: The primary benefit of a pressure tank is, of course, increased water pressure throughout your facility. If you have equipment that relies on a strong, steady flow of water, you will absolutely need a tank. Strong water pressure also brings substantial benefits to restrooms and kitchens.

Work in Multiples: Pressure tanks can work in multiples to provide even higher water pressure throughout your facility. Multiple pressure tanks also create a greater supply of pressurized water, which reduces demands on your water pump and guarantees availability.

Long Life: The construction of pressure tanks allows for long lifespans. Since the water that enters the tank remains contained within the vinyl bladder, it never comes into contact with the tank’s steel walls. This makes corrosion a non-issue and lessens the need for replacement. In fact, the only regular maintenance these devices need is the occasional replacement of the bladder.

Money Savings: Since pressure tanks reduce demand on your well pump, they extend that machine’s life. Regular maintenance of a pressure tank requires just a small expenditure. A new well pump or motor, on the other hand, can cost thousands of dollars.

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EW Plumbing serves as your local source for a commercial pressure tank in the Overland Park, KS Area. For fast, reliable service from our experienced team, simply give us a call at 913-768-8500. Our expert team can supply a rapid solution to all of your plumbing-related issues.