Hydronic Boiler Repair & Installation

Hydronic Boiler

Hydronic Boilers Use Heated Water to Distribute Radiant Heat Through Floors and Radiators.

When it comes to heating your business, many people assume that forced air systems represent the only option. In reality, a hydronic boiler system, also called a hydronic radiant system, presents an excellent alternative. Hydronic radiant systems work through a system of tubes laid beneath flooring. Your hyrdonic boiler heats water and sends it through the tubes, where the heat then radiates through flooring, radiators, or baseboard heaters. Traditionally installed directly into slabs, you can now have hydronic heat with almost any type of flooring.

EW Plumbing stands as your local expert for the installation and repair of a commercial hydronic boiler in the Kansas City Metro Area. To derive the most benefits from your hydronic system, you need expert installation. Our team performs exceptional work with the installation of hyrdronic boilers, and can also handle all your repair and service needs. For service on your present system, or to discuss the installation of a new hydronic radiant system, call us today at 913-768-8500.

The Benefits of a Hydronic Boiler

Hydronic Boiler

Boilers Naturally Work Much More Efficiently Than Furnaces.

Though hydronic systems cost more than a standard, forced air set-up, the many advantages make it a worthy expense. If you’ve thought about a hydronic radiant system for your business, keep the following benefits in mind.

Comfortable, Versatile Heating: Hydronic boilers provide the most comfortable, evenly distributed heating available, with no drafts or cold spots. You can even set the system up to heat different zones to different temperatures, an option unavailable with forced air. Additionally, forced air systems can circulate dust, allergens, and bacteria around your business, and can dry out the air. Neither of these will ever occur with radiant heating.

Warm Floors: A radiant hydronic system provides the luxury of warm floors. Even restrooms and concrete flooring receive this benefit. Once you’ve experienced the pleasure of warm floors throughout your business, you’ll never consider a return to standard heaters.

Efficiency: Boilers naturally use less energy and perform more efficiently than furnaces. Water also holds heat better than air, which means your boiler doesn’t have to continually work to maintain a constant temperature. Both of these characteristics will result in monthly savings on your bills, a phenomenon that quickly offsets the added expense of a hydronic radiant system.

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If you’ve settled on a hydronic radiant system for your business, call us today at 913-768-8500 to start the process. We serve every possible need for a commercial hydronic boiler in the Kansas City Metro Area. For all industrial boiler installations, repairs, or inspections, EW Plumbing stands as the team to trust.