Commercial and Industrial Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Our Techs Have All the Necessary Skills to Service and Repair Commercial Boilers.

EW Plumbing has the skills and experience to offer complete services for commercial and industrial boilers. You want to take care of your boiler, as it performs an indispensable function for your business. At the same time, neglect or procrastination with service requirements can turn the boiler into a safety hazard. For peace of mind and the assurance of proper functionality, schedule boiler repair and maintenance with our team.

Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to render impeccable service on any commercial plumbing system, including boilers. Regardless of the size or complexity of your boiler, our maintenance services can grant improved functionality and a longer life. Replacement of an expensive device like a boiler is the last thing a business owner wants to do. To help delay and avert this scenario, call us today at 913-768-8500 for any maintenance needs or boiler repair in the Kansas City Metro Area.

When You Need Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Extremes in Your Boiler’s Pressure Also Present a Problem That Needs Immediate Professional Service.

When your boiler needs repair, it will provide certain indicators. With regular maintenance, you can likely avert the occurrence of even these issues. You should still familiarize yourself with the symptoms for repair, however, just in case a problem occurs between inspections.

Strange Odors: A casual inspection of your boiler may reveal a couple of strange odors. If you detect a telltale sulfur or rotten egg smell, then you probably have a gas leak. These require immediate professional repairs, as gas leaks present a danger to you and your structure. A strong metallic odor could indicate an oil leak. Though a less serious problem, you still need repairs to maintain the serviceability of your boiler.

Banging Sounds: Any odd sounds, including bangs, hammering, or rattling, warrant professional service. Mineral deposits within the boiler stand as one possible cause, while mechanical problems present a more serious issue.

Heating Irregularities: A boiler that heats your structure unevenly, or turns off and on for no apparent reason, could suffer from a few different problems. You may have air trapped inside your system, failing steam traps, or even dirty water within the boiler itself.

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To learn more about our boiler repair and maintenance services, call us today at 913-768-8500. Boilers are built to last, but require care and attention to attain their full lifespan and optimal functionality. Our maintenance programs present an excellent way to prolong the life of your investment. For scheduled maintenance or boiler repair in the Kansas City Metro Area, trust the experts at EW Plumbing.