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Home Buying Tips: Plumbing Questions You Should Be Asking

Photo of PlumbingPurchasing a home is an exciting experience for new and seasoned home-buyers alike. It is easy to get caught up in the future aspects of the home, such as design, decor, and how your family will spend their time. However, even those of us who manage to focus on the now of buying a home can forget to ask some important questions. Yes it is important to figure out closing costs and whether your fireplace will need mending, but have you asked about the plumbing in the home? Plumbing problems within a newly purchased home can set you back even further financially than you originally anticipated.

Plumbing Questions To Ask Your Realtor

  • How old is the water heater within the home? – Water heaters can be pricey to replace. If the one within the home is over 7 years old, chances are you are going to have to replace it soon.┬áNote the price of a new one for your final cost.
  • Where are the valve shut offs located? – If there is an emergency, such as pipes exploding or a toilet spilling all over, this could save your home. Knowing where the main valve and the other valves will allow you to stop the flow of water until a plumber arrives.
  • Is there a water conditioning system or a water softener regimen that the plumbing uses? – Some homes do not have a water softener regimen. Some do. To know if you will need to purchase one or if it is something you will need to have checked soon, ask your realtor.
  • Has the plumbing ever been replaced? – This will tell you how the previous owner treated their plumbing. If it hasn’t been replaced at all, have a plumber do an inspection of the lines. Over time, roots and other invasive problems can lead to costly and unexpected repairs.
  • Finally, are there any plumbing issues you should know about or any history you should know about? – It is always best to plan ahead. If there are pre-existing issues or recurring issues, you may need a plumber to inspect and replace the whole system.

Remember, you can always have a plumber inspect the system for you . Call EW Plumbing Today At 913-768-8500 for your plumbing inspection and repair!